All Members: 

Sand & Surf’s new field has replaced Hermosa Valley School with a new field, El Camino Turf #1.  It’s a bit tricky to find for the first time.  It is actually on campus and just north and west of the Marsee Auditorium.  It is easiest to get to from Redondo Beach Blvd and just before the underpass turn right onto the campus at the Marsee Auditorium.  Here is a map link.  

There is a 4 story parking structure just west of the Auditorium where you can park.  Enter the structure, find one of the pay kiosks and pay your $3.00 with dollar bills or coins, they do not take credit cards, and put the stub on your dashboard.   Exit the structure and go due north about 100 yard to the new turf field.   From the parking structure, follow the detail map below (click on the map to download or print):


Detailed map to El Camino Fields