2017 Galaxy Coastal Classic

SSBRA’s main tournament of the year will be held on two weekends this year as shown below. Please reserve these two dates to support SSBRA and our South Bay Galaxy Client on both these two weekends. There will be tons of work and all fields are in the South Bay area so travel will be […]

2017-2018 Board Elections

The Nominees for the Board positions of Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary were put to vote at the AGM meeting with the following results. Steve Morgan was voted in as Vice President (2 year term) Bruce Ashton was voted in as Treasurer (2 year term) Jay Pignatello voted in as Secretary (1 year term) The […]

May 30: Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting (elections and pizza party) on Tuesday 30 May 2017 will be held at Tony’s Pizza, 5544 W. 119th St. (119th St & Aviation Blvd.), Inglewood starting at 7 PM (click here for directions).  

Become registered with the City of LA as an Official

Here is the REVISED procedure:  A) If you do NOT have a current, active City of LA Business Tax Registration Certificate (BRTC) then: Go to a Finance Office, fill out the BTRC application, submit it, and leave with a copy of your new BTRC.  The original BTRC will be mailed to you in approximately 3-4 […]

AP Interview with Mark Clattenburg

All referees, no matter what badge level, deal with the same issues…  Read this interview with Referee Mark Clattenburg as he opens up on coping with errors.

SSBRA Swag from CSA

Check out this new SSBRA gear! (flyer) Please provide full name, address, phone number, email address and credit card number: Please provide item description, size and quantity you wish to purchase. Shipping charges range from $10.00 – $15.00 per order. Single shirt orders shipped by Priority Mail at a cost of $7.00. California sales tax […]

New USSF style referee jerseys

New referee shirts for $24.95 in Red, Yellow, and Green see attached.  Long sleeves will be available in January and should cost around $26.95.  Manny will be at the November SSBRA meeting on the 29th to take orders and payment.  (Credit cards or check) If all the members want to combine all the orders in […]

2016 Practical Guidelines for Match Officials

Look on the Laws & Guidance page for new materials:  2016 Practical Guidelines for Match Officials.  These guidelines contain practical advice for match officials which supplements the information in the Laws of the Game.

15 Sept: Some tips using Arbiter

From our Assignor: When you want to set a new time block you need to first delete the old time block for the same day.  Setting a new time block does NOT delete the old one, it just layers it on top of the old one, which is probably not what you intended to do. […]