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This is the Main CSL site where you can find information on player/coach discipline (Cautions and Send Offs), team standings, field locations, et cetera.
Information on assigning can be found here.

Game Fees

2016 Cal South In-Service Sept: Heading the Ball

New No-Heading rule for all 7v7 and 9v9 matches

  1. There is no deliberate heading in the 7 v 7 or 9 v 9 games.  Restart is an INDIRECT FREE KICK for the other team.
  2. If a defending player deliberately heads the ball inside the penalty box, an INDIRECT FREE KICK is awarded to the attacking team perpendicular to the spot of the infraction just OUTSIDE THE PENALTY AREA. NOT inside the penalty area. This mean no indirect free kicks inside the penalty box due to the defending player deliberately heading the ball.
  3. If an attacking player deliberately heads the ball inside the penalty box, an INDIRECT FREE KICK is awarded to the defending team from the spot of the infraction.
  4. Non-deliberate heading results in  a Drop-Ball.

CSL Match Reporting:

  1. Note ALL send-offs and cautions on the pre-printed CSL match report supplied at the field by the home team, whether or not a supplemental USSF Match Report is filed.
  2. Use the online-download USSF Match Report for all Red Card/Send Offs.   Completed match reports should be sent to
  3. Only confiscate Player or Administrator Passes for an assault, referee abuse or suspected falsification of documents.  Under USSF Rules and Regulations, Referee Abuse does not bring immediate suspension. Suspension for Referee Abuse only comes after being found guilty at a Hearing.
  4. Use the USSF Match Report to report any SERIOUS injury in a game. “Mommy make it better” injuries do not need to be reported, although you might note something like that on the pre-printed CSL match report (that a player left the field due to an injury).Serious injuries include a broken bone, unconsciousness, etc: basically anything for which a player would have to go to the hospital or see a doctor.

If you have any questions about whether or not to submit a supplemental report, email the SSBRA Member at Large or phone 310-955-9905.

Submitting timely reports is for your benefit, the benefit of other Referees, and all the players, parents and administrators who participate to enjoy the game and abide by the rules.