From our Assignor:

  1. When you want to set a new time block you need to first delete the old time block for the same day.  Setting a new time block does NOT delete the old one, it just layers it on top of the old one, which is probably not what you intended to do.
  2. Self-assign opportunities are still limited by the blocks that you have set, such as blocking days/times/distance/partners/venues, etc.  If you want to see more self-assign opportunities then first clear all your blocks.
  3. The self-assign tab does not seem to work consistently, if at all, when used on a mobile device.  Please access this feature of Arbiter on a non-mobile platform to receive accurate self-assign opportunities.
  4. Be careful about AM and PM when blocking.
  5. Be careful to make sure SSBRA is “checked” when setting blocks or trying to use the “Self Assign” process if you are a member of multiple associations.  If “SSBRA” is not “checked” your blocks will not apply to SSBRA and you will not see the “Self Assign” button.

Additional details, news items and member support may be found on the SSBRA Arbiter services page.