Several SSBRA Members have noted USSF announcement outlining USSF’s new position on referee skin care which includes wearing caps. SSBRA is pleased to see that USSF has made the health and safety of the Referee a priority.

The USSF announcement can be found at

Note: While this announcement is a great step in the right direction, it will take a while for this announcement to get implemented across the referee community. Please just keep following the SSBRA Guidelines which states:

“A cap may generally be worn, but only if it’s an all-black, no-logo baseball type. In addition, SSBRA Referees must abide by any and all League or Tournament dress codes.”

While the soccer community works to implement the new USSF guidelines, if you feel you need to wear a cap, please make sure you read the rules of the competition to see if the competition does not allow caps. If the competition does not allow caps, please check with the lead of the competition before wearing a cap. It would probably help if you print out a copy of the USSF guidelines from their website to show the competition lead. If they agree what a cap can be worn, you are good to go.

The Galaxy Tournament rules and they do not ban referee caps so caps should not be an issue for this weekend.