If you are a soccer referee with at least one year of refereeing experience and you are currently USSF certified* (USSF Grade 8 and above) and you are on the current Cal South Register Officials List (ROL) and you would like to join our dedicated group, we invite you to submit an Membership Application (as PDF or as Word) to the SSBRA Secretary Jay Pignatello at secretary@ssbra.org  and to president@ssbra.org and/or meet us as a guest at our next meeting.  Please make sure you include your Soccer Refereeing References (both email and phone number) on your application.

The SSBRA Board of Directors will review your application and get back to you as soon as possible.  After the Board verifies that you meet all SSBRA and USSF/Cal South requirements and you receive Board approval, the SSBRA Secretary will contact send you a welcome letter providing you with all the required membership information and directions about your membership fees and any outstanding paperwork that is still owed to SSBRA.  Once you provided all the required paperwork, including a signed W9, which you can find in the SSBRA Forms Library located on the SSBRA Association Page, and the assignor verifies that you are on the current ROL, you can expect to start receiving assignments in short order.

If you are not Cal South / USSF certified you can go to the SSBRA Training & Assessment and Certification pages to find out how to become certified.


* You can also cross over from AYSO to USSF by completing the AYSO/USSF Cross Certification Agreement form, which can be found with completion instructions on the SSBRA website at the following link AYSO-USSF Cross Certification.  Just send it into Cal South when you register with them for your USSF badge.