Arbiter login:

Arbiter tutorial:  First-Time-User-Instructions-For-Officials

Questions?  Please contact our assignor, Valle Altobelli, or any of our peer-to-peer Arbiter “help desk” volunteers: Steve Morgan, Kiku Annon, Warren Howell, Reza Pazirandeh, and Steve Resnick.

Tips from the Assignor

7 Oct 2016

When you log into Arbiter, you see the “home” page with three columns: Tasks, Schedule and ArbiterPay. If you click on any bold game name in the Schedule list it will show you the partners assigned to this game and their status, whether they have “accepted” are “notified” or are “published” (including you) and their contact information.

25 Sept 2016

When a member either declines an assignment or lets an assignment expire without accepting, Arbiter creates an all day block for the day of that assignment.  This block cannot be deleted by the member, it can only be deleted by contacting the assignor.


13 Sept 2016


Some people are reporting trouble seeing the “self-assign” tab.  It is a sub-item on the schedule tab as shown in the illustration above. There is a better chance of this working when you are NOT on a mobile network.  If you’re having trouble please try it on something other than your phone to see if that will work.

19 Aug 2016

Time Blocks: When you block from 8 AM to 10 AM that means you will not be assigned a match until 11 AM or so. This is because Arbiter adds travel time and the 30 minute arrival time to the 10 AM time. If its tournament season, increased travel time could mean you may not be assigned a match until 12 noon or later.

24 Nov 2015

SSBRA has three Cal South certified Assignors, Valle Altobelli, Veto Galati, and Chris Nevil.  By having three assignors, SSBRA has the bench strength needed to ensure there is never a breakdown in the required assigning coverage.

Valle Altobelli is the primary assignor and assigns all matches for SSBRA except for the Weeknight MB 7v7 matches.

Veto Galati assigns the Weeknight MB 7v7 matches.

While Chris Nevil is not currently assigning any matches he is on call to back up either Valle or Veto if and when required.

08 Oct 2015

Please remember, when changing your blocks, to delete obsolete ones. Putting in a new part day block does NOT erase any prior ones. To see all of your existing blocks on a given day, click on “view schedule”, then on the day you want details for. All of your existing assignments and blocks will appear below the calendar. If any blocks are no longer valid, click on the red ‘X’ to delete them.

At our last general membership meeting and in subsequent phone conversations, there were generous offers by members experienced with the system to serve as peer-to-peer Arbiter “help desk” volunteers. They include Steve Morgan, Kiku Annon, Warren Howell, Reza Pazirandeh, and Steve Resnick. Please feel free to contact any of these fine members for help with blocks or other aspects of the system. Our thanks to each of them for the support. If anyone else would like to offer this assistance, please contact our assignor at

21 Sept 2015

A few quick things:

  1. Remember, once you’ve set up blocks in Arbiter, to click the blue button on the home page that says “Ready to be Assigned”. Many of you have signed in, but not completed this important step. If you don’t do so, you won’t show up as available for games.
  2. There are still some folks that have not signed in to Arbiter at all, and thus have not prepared blocks or updated their information yet. Please do so immediately, to protect your opportunity to receive assignments! If you are having any difficulty with the system, reach out to the assigning crew, or by email to Arbiter technical support.

14 Sept 2015

Members should have received a “welcome” message from the ArbiterSports system this morning.  If you did not, please contact our assignor as soon as possible!

This is the first step in our transition to this professional and flexible assigning platform.

A good number of the membership are already familiar with Arbiter through other groups we officiate with.  For those that are not, please sign in and visit this tutorial:

For those that already have other accounts in Arbiter, it’s very important to note that the blocks you have set up for those accounts will NOT automatically transfer over to a new group. Initially, you must add any important blocks to your SSBRA account as well. In the future, as you add blocks of one kind or another, the system allows you to do so for one, some, or all of your groups. The default will be for all groups, so that you don’t have to entering the same data more than once.

Questions?  Please contact our assignor.

19 Jul 2015

If you have a question about the SSBRA transition to Arbiter during the 2015-2016 season just send an email to  and a member of the Board will get back with you to answer your question or get more information from you.

9 Jul 2015

SSBRA Members,
As announced at the June General Membership meeting, SSBRA will be transitioning its assignment system to Arbiter during the 2015-2016 season. If you have not done so already, please click the following link to let us know if you have or do not have an Arbiter account, and what email you use or will use with Arbiter:

As we proceed, we will communicate each step via emails and meetings. We have setup a specific email address ( where members can send in questions, and we have set up this page for FAQs, tips and best practices.

For our members who are not familiar with Arbiter, here is some more information:

  • Arbiter provides the referee with a lot of flexibility in providing availability for match assignment
  • Availability can be provided as far out into the future as the referee want
  • Availability can be updated in real time as the referee’s schedule changes
  • Availability can be provided hour by hour
  • Arbiter is a very user-friendly tool for providing availability and accepting match assignments and provides everything the referee needs on a single site.
  • Arbiter provides each referee with multiple options to identify assignment restrictions or preferences
  • Identification of teams the referee does not want to or should not referee due to relationships with the teams, players, or team management
  • Travel limits by day
  • Identification of sites the referee does not want to work at
  • Identification of Zip codes the referee does not want to work in
  • Identification of partners the referee does not wish to be assigned with
  • Once assignments are accepted, the schedule, referee team’s names, phone numbers, and emails can be viewed or printed for each match assignment
  • Game sites, addresses, and map links for each are directly available on the assignment pages and in lists on Arbiter
  • Match assignment reminders go out to the entire referee team
  • Referee pictures are available so the referee knows who to look for at the match
  • Current, future, and previous assignments are easy to find, printed by group or date range, or download in PDF, Excel, etc
  • The SSBRA roster will be available directly on Arbiter

Thanks, and please don’t forget to click on the link to provide the needed information to get your Arbiter account set up: