USSF Match reports are available here as PDF or MS Word.

Notes from Coast Soccer League, Southern California Development Soccer League, and SSBRA regarding pre-printed match reports (aka team rosters) and USSF Referee Reports (used for Red Cards and serious injuries)

  1. ALL send-offs and cautions are documented on the pre-printed match report (aka team rosters) supplied at the field by the home team, whether or not a supplemental USSF Referee Report is filed.
  2. All Red cards and serious injuries require a USSF Referee Report to be generated and submitted to the SSBRA Member-at-Large.
  3. After review by the SSBRA Member-at-Large, the USSF Referee Report will be sent to the leagues ONLY in the following cases:
    • Referee Assault*
    • Violent Conduct* (or any non-Referee Assault)
    • Referee Abuse
    • Serious Injury

    * Referee Assault and Violent Conduct are the ONLY two cases where the Referee should confiscate and send in a Player or Administrator Pass.

    DO NOT confiscate Player or Administrator Passes for Referee Abuse. Under USSF Rules and Regulations, Referee Abuse does not bring immediate suspension. Suspension for Referee Abuse only comes after being found guilty at a Hearing.

  4. A USSF Referee Report is also required for any and all terminated matches.
  5. Use the USSF Referee Report (available as PDF or MS Word) to report any SERIOUS injury in a game. “Mommy make it better” injuries do not need to be reported, although you might note something like that on the pre-printed match report (team roster) (that a player left the field due to an injury). Serious injuries include a broken bone, unconsciousness, etc: basically anything for which a player would have to go to the Hospital or see a doctor for. DO NOT use the USSF Referee Report for mundane offenses. Completed USSF Referee Reports and requests for help or questions should be sent via email within 24 hours to the current Member-at-Large for review and archival. In the case where the USSF Referee Report is required to be sent to the League, the MAL will return the final report to the referee for submission to the League along with the appropriate player or Administrator Pass.
  6. NOTE: SSBRA versions of USSF Referee Reports (available as PDF or MS Word). If you fill out the form electronically, be sure to save your work and make sure that you do not send a blank form.