2018 IFAB Notes on Modification to the Laws of the Game

2018-2019 IFAB Laws of the Game

2018-2019 Report Codes for Cautionable and Sending-off Offenses

Some of the interesting clarifications:

  • The Glossary defining a kick: “The ball is kicked when a player makes contact with the foot and/or the ankle.”  This will eliminate the belief that when a defender “stops” the ball with his foot and leaves for the goalkeeper to pick it up, because the defender did not kick the ball, is a violation of the Law.
  • Handling the ball. It was always the concept that the throwing of an object was an extension of the arm and therefore it was taken as handling. The Law does not consider the throwing of an object as handling but as a DFK offense. The outcome is the same but the Law reference is not.
  • Two offenses at the same time. Referees need to punish according to the Law, two offenses at same time: Two cautions.
  • Offenses against a team mate (or team substitute/team official). It is important to make clear distinction between the ball in play or not or if it occurs on or off the field. These type of modifications to the LOTG makes it imperative to explain to referee how the traditional definition of a foul is now obsolete.

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