CSL Referee Application to electronically submit Match reports is being implemented at the start of the 2017 Fall season. Referees who have the CSL Ref App will now be able to have their schedules on their phones.  In addition they will be able to take a photo of the match report once completed at the end of the game; and send it into to CSL right away – saving on mailing in match reports.

The following instructions need to be followed to utilize the CSL Ref App:

  1. Referees who download the app will need to input a MAC (mobile access code) number so that they can be linked to the CSL data base.  This MAC number can be obtained by going to www.coastsoccer.com/refs.  If you cannot find his/her MAC they need to contact Gabriel Goldsman to get added to the SSBRA’s CSL data base.
  2. After obtaining your MAC, go to the Apple Store or Android app store and Search for “CSL Referee” in the store – as with all CSL apps there is no charge.
  3. Video instructions for using the app are here: http://www.coastsoccer.com/refs/refapp.htm

As Bernie Towers told the SSBRA membership at the Aug General Membership Meeting, “at least this is the plan” – as with new tech we (CSL) might have to work out a few bugs but hopefully this will make life better for all the refs.

If you don’t use the App you still have to mail in the Roster/Match Report to CSL. The Home team CSL team managers still are required to provide every CR with a stamped envelope to send in the hard copy.

In addition, if you are utilizing the new App, CSL needs all match reports retained by the referees for about two weeks, CSL will contact Gabriel if the photo you send in cannot be read and they will need you to resent it or mail it in. This relates to Mr. Towers “at least this is the plan statement.”

You can always use the App and also mail in the hardcopy if you want to be 100% sure. If the App works out, CSL will ask us to stop mailing in the hardcopies at some point…