Coast Soccer League Spring League has its own website where you can find information on the league, rules, mud-lines, fields (Quick Link to venues), teams, etc.

SSBRA League Point of Contact – Michael Hinz

Game Fees

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Here are some points to note:

  • Team No-Shows:
    • DO NOT collect money from the team that showed up.  TheLeague will send the money to the Association for both teams, eventually.  The team who showed up does not pay.
    • The online no-show form must be filled out either by the referee, or the Assignor and MUST be filled out and submitted no later than 6PM Monday following the game in question.
  • Any forfeit/cancellation on Friday after 3 PM of a Saturday game—the referees get paid. Forfeits/cancellations after 3 PM of a Sunday game —the referees get paid.
  • Under 8s and 9s are playing 8 v 8 on short-sided fields. Under 10s are playing 11 v 11 on regulation fields.
  • All players must be USYS/Cal South registered. They may loan players from other teams like a tournament – but they must have a valid CYSA-S Player Pass.
  • Substitutions may be made at any stoppage but only with the referee’s permission. Reminder: there is NO “running clock” — the referee has the watch.
  • Game fees will be according to the current CSL Handbook. Only the assigned referees are paid – club lines-people are not paid regardless of their qualifications. Note: Referees may NOT collect fees for 3 referees, if there are not 3 assigned referees present.
  • A bonus will be paid for some games; the so-called “Singletons.” Referees MUST NOT collect this fee from the teams. The teams do not know that this subsidy exists and they will complain about the referees overcharging them. Besides that, the referee may not know which games qualify as Singletons [Your Assignor knows all]. The League will pay— to the Association — $5 for theAssignor and $5 for each referee, eventually.
  • Rain Outs: Assume that all games will be played as scheduled unless the “mud-line” indicates that the field is closed. Referees should check the mud-line on the Spring League website (look near the top of the page, in the menu).

Our Assignor will answer your questions: Call 310-955-9905 or email.