AYSO/USSF Cross-Certification

To obtain a USSF badge directly based on your AYSO certification, please see AYSO/USSF Cross Certification Agreement for details. The steps are:

  1. Complete the AYSO/USSF Cross Certification Agreement and have it signed by your Area Referee Administrator (Intermediate [Area] or Advanced [Section] Referee) or your Section Referee Administrator (National Referee)
  2. Complete two (2) copies of the United States Soccer Federation Referee Registration Form using black ink
  3. Send the completed forms and a check made payable to SRC/RD to:

    Cal South Referee Registration

    1029 S. Placentia Ave.

    Fullerton, CA 92831

  4. Do not send anything to Chicago, despite what the cross-cert policy/form says!