Oct meeting

At the Oct General Membership meeting, Cal South instructor Gabriel Goldsman, covered the following three topics; Hydration, Equipment, Head injury. Cal South like all sporting associations is very concerned about player safety and the effects of head injury. Gabriel helped the membership in attendance enhance their understanding of how to handle situations where the Referees […]

New Member SSBRA training

The 2nd required New Member SSBRA training class was held on Tuesday Sept 30, 2014 with 10 new members in attendance. If you are a new member and you have not attended either of the two classes since the start of the 2014-2015 season you need to contact Kirk Johnson, SSBRA Director of Mentoring and […]

Sept Meeting

At the Sept General Membership meeting, Cal South instructor Szilard Gyllyal covered Law 11 — Offside and the new interpretations on what is considered defender’s possession to reset the point of decision for an offside rulings. This led to a lively debate/discussion. After the training, 6 Proposed ByLaws Changes were reviewed and 5 of the […]

Next Referee Professional Development

The next Referee Professional Development (RPD) will be at North Torrance HS on Tuesday Nov 18, 2014 starting at 7:00 pm. Please sign up at this link (click here).

Moved? Changed contact information?

If you have recently moved or changed contact phone or email information, be sure to update your SSBRA member profile so the SSBRA roster will have your correct information. You can update your roster by selecting the Member Login (available at the top right of each page). Also, send an email with your new mailing […]