21 July: You can now pay your dues online…

SSBRA is now setup to allow members to pay their dues using a credit card through PayPal. If you have not used PayPal, it is an online credit card payment system. The cost to the association to make this available to members is minimal: 2.9% per transaction. You can pay your dues from this page. […]

1 June 2016: Laws of the Game are in effect

The 130th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of The IFAB was at St. David’s Hotel in Cardiff on Saturday 5 March 2016. The amendments to the Laws of the Game approved at this meeting came into force on 1 June 2016. The 2016-2017 Laws of the Game are available on the Laws & Guidance page.  The changes are […]

31 May: Election Results

Results of the 2016 election and the by-law changes. Approved Board Positions: President: Michael Hinz Vice President: Steve Morgan Secretary: Michael Takeda Treasurer: Bruce Ashton Member-at-Large: Chris Nevil  Approved By-Law changes (2): Proposal # 1: Motioned by: Veto Galati  Amend: Section VI, Paragraph A, Section 5  Motion: To remove from Bylaw VI, Paragraph A, the entire […]

31 May: Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting (elections and pizza party) on 31 May 2016 will be held at Tony’s Pizza, 5544 W. 119th St. (119th St & Aviation Blvd.), Inglewood starting at 7 PM (click here for directions).

13 Apr 2016: Laws of the Game 2016/17 are available

The 130th IFAB AGM held in Cardiff on 5 March 2016 unanimously approved the IFAB Technical Subcommittee’s extensive revision of the Laws of the Game. This revision is probably the most comprehensive in The IFAB’s 130 year history and has reorganised and updated the Laws of the Game book to make it far more easy […]

Feb 2016: US Soccer unveils the U.S. Soccer Concussion initiative

13 Feb 2016: US Soccer just released the following information on their Concussion initiative.  While this communication does not provide all the details that will be needed to fully understand how heading will be eliminated for children 10 and under (enforced up to the U11 division), it is a good start as it does indicate that the […]

2016 Recertification

Don’t forget to re-certify for the 2016 registration year! If you are not re-registered by January 1, 2016, you will not be able to officiate until you do. Information on re-certification may be found on the Cal South website here.  Cal South’s online registration system link is here. After you complete the 2016 registration, you may need to […]

Additional Information About Upcoming Player Safety Campaign

CHICAGO (Nov. 9, 2015) – Earlier today, a joint statement was issued regarding the fact that a resolution has been reached in the concussion litigation filed in August of 2014 against U.S. Soccer, United States Youth Soccer Association, American Youth Soccer Organization, US Club Soccer and the California Youth Soccer Association. AYSO and other youth soccer […]

1 Oct: Parking Fee Reimbursement

While parking fees are part of typical business expenses like expenses for gas and uniforms, SSBRA will reimburse actual receipted parking expenses for referees officiating matches assigned by SSBRA when no free parking is available. This reimbursement will not exceed $5 per day.  Requests for parking fee reimbursement must be made no later than the […]