Ladies and Gentlemen:

CYSA-S has reformed their Player and Coach’s ID Card System again.  As of the 2005-06 Season they will be required to have the NEW CSL ID cards. The attached pdf describes and shows the new card that we are to look for. Under NO circumstances is ANYONE to play with last year’s USYSA ID.

Does a coach need to have a separate Member Pass to Coach each team within their League?

No, in accordance with Cal South Rule Current year administrator passes are valid with any team within the league or club that the administrator has registered through, at any competition sanctioned by Cal South.  In layman’s terms, any properly certified administrator can coach any team within their registered league.  This can be easily identified on the member pass by the first 4 digits in the team # field which represents the Cal South League number.  As long as the first 4 of the team # field match the first 4 of the team # on the team cards and they are properly certified – they can coach.

In the event of a red card, does the referee take the Member Pass?

No, the only situation in which the referee should be confiscating a Member Pass is in the case of a physical assault.

If a referee suspects a team is using falsified cards, what course of action should they undertake?

We at Cal South do not want to any referee placed in the volatile position of having to take cards away on-site and the potential problems that could ensue.  Thus, the immediate course of action is to notify an appropriate on-site League Authority (i.e. Field Marshall, Gaming League Representative, Tournament Director…) for guidance.  In the event that no such league authority is available on-site, please submit a supplemental report upon completion of the match noting any such suspicion in detail to the Cal South Corporate Office within 48 hours.  This report should note specific cards in question and can be submitted as notations on a copy of the match report or as a supplement to the match report.  Please submit all reports to my attention for further investigation at, via fax 714.441.0715., or by mail to the Cal South Corporate Office, C/o John Weinerth, 1029 S. Placentia Ave., Fullerton CA 92831.

John WeinerthCal South SoccerChief Operating Officer714.778.2972 ext.22