Here is the REVISED procedure: 

A) If you do NOT have a current, active City of LA Business Tax Registration Certificate (BRTC) then:

  1. Go to a Finance Office, fill out the BTRC application, submit it, and leave with a copy of your new BTRC.  The original BTRC will be mailed to you in approximately 3-4 weeks.
  2. Download, print and sign the Officiating Annual Agreement.
  3. Submit the following package of documents at the Mar Vista Park Rec office (north side of Palms Blvd between Sawtelle and McLaughlin): copy of BTRC, signed W-9, signed Agreement, copy of DL, copy of social security card.
  4. Recreation Supervisor will submit the package and you will be registered with the City of LA to receive payments.
  5. During Jan – Feb of next year renew your BTRC for 2018, the first 100k of income is non-taxable.

B) If you DO have a current, active BTRC then: 

  • Complete steps 2-4 above, skipping the trip to the Finance Office to get a new BTRC.  Submit the same package of documents to be approved and entered into the system as an Official.

C)  If you are already an Official with the City of LA:

  • Contact Gabriel Goldsman and he will submit your name to verify that you are entered into their system as an active Official.  If you are, then you only need submit a signed Officiating Annual Agreement.  If they do not have a record of you then follow the steps in A or B as applicable.