“It is a policy of Soccer South Bay Referee Association to neither tolerate nor allow sexual harassment by any member of the Association. Upon receiving any credible complaint of sexual harassment, the board will take appropriate action utilizing the Association’s Disciplinary process which in the case of a credible sexual harassment complaint will involve notification to the appropriate authorities. All SSBRA members must pass a background check by ‘Live Scan’ before they are assigned to any Youth Soccer matches.”

SSBRA provides a standard Sexual Abuse/Harassment Awareness Training package to all SSBRA members to insure all its members are aware of how to deal with issues involving sexual abuse/harassment. The training is accessible to all SSBRA members as PowerPoint HERE and as Adobe PDF HERE.

By providing availability to work SSBRA assigned matches, Association members are affirming that they have read and understand the SSBRA policy and guidelines in regards to Sexual Harassment as listed herein.