If your scheduled game is a forfeit and there is another match being played at the same time and location as your forfeit, you must double up on another field and run a dual system (two referees) for that match.


  • If the forfeit occurs before the Referee arrives at the field – The League will notify the Assignor of the forfeit and the assignor will assign you as the 2nd Referee on one of the other matches in Arbiter.  We suggest you check Arbiter just before leaving for your assignment in case of any such changes.
  • If a forfeit is determined after the Referee arrives at the field (only one team is present; or one team does not have the required minimum number of players and the Managers do not agree to play; or the team that is short cannot maintain a required male to female ratio.)
  • After the forfeit is declared, the Referee should join one of the other matches during a stoppage in play identifying himself or herself to the other Referee and the players before play resumes.
  • If a forfeit occurs on the pitch you must notify the assignor so he can update Arbiter.

Information on the Dual System of Control is available on the SSBRA Web site under “Training and Assessments“.