Results of the 2016 election and the by-law changes.

Approved Board Positions:

President: Michael Hinz

Vice President: Steve Morgan

Secretary: Michael Takeda

Treasurer: Bruce Ashton

Member-at-Large: Chris Nevil 

Approved By-Law changes (2):

Proposal # 1: Motioned by: Veto Galati 

Amend: Section VI, Paragraph A, Section 5 

Motion: To remove from Bylaw VI, Paragraph A, the entire section #5 which currently reads: 

VI OFFICERS, A. President: -The duties of the President are to 

5. Be an ex-officio member of all committees, if he/she so chooses. 

Proposal is to remove this section, in blue, with no replacement word 

Proposal #6. Motioned by Michael Hinz 

Amend: VIII, Paragraph A, Section 2 

Motion: To correct the circular language currently in the By-Laws, rewrite VIII Board Of Directors (VIII A.2.) to clarify that the Board Of Directors is made up of the Elected Officers as described in (VII Elections of Officers) and “Other Board Members” referred as “non-elected Board Members” in VII Elections of Officers (VII E). Rewrite VII Elections of Officers by moving the text in VIII A.1 to VII and changing VIII A.1 to read “Officers” and moving VII E, F, and G. 


a) SSBRA Board Officers are President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Member-at-Large 

e) All non-elected Board Members (referred to as Other Board Members) shall be ratified at the next membership meeting after their appointment by the Board Officers. Said Members shall serve until the first board meeting after July 1 of each successive year. 


A. Members: 

1. SSBRA Board Officers. 

2. Other Board Members. 

a. The Board Officers shall appoint Other Board Members including an Assignor and Instructor/Trainer, along with Other Board Members having duties as the Officers may deem necessary. 

b. Such members will serve at the discretion of the Board Officers. 

Proposal is to correct the language shown in blue and that VII E, F, G will be moved to VIII as these bullets relate to the BOD as a whole and not just to the Board Officers and not exclusive to the Election of Officers.