The City of Lawndale has updated the Rules of Competition for its League.


  • NEW: All Referees must sign a City of Lawndale “Hold Harmless Agreement” document in order to Referee any City of Lawndale matches.  If you do not want to sign this document you need to ask the SSBRA Assignor to remove you from Lawndale matches.
  • NEW: In order to maintain the 1 hour per match schedule, Lawndale has changed the Match length for the 11-12 year old Division and the 13-17 year old Division to 25 minutes halves with a 5 minute half time.
  • NEW: The League also made a slight rule change for Off-Side in the 5-7 year old Division stating that Off-Side “is not strictly enforced.”  Allowing the referee to enforce offside only if she/he felt the players were taking advantage of being in an Off-Side position.

Please review the detailed rule changes before your next match.