The 130th IFAB AGM held in Cardiff on 5 March 2016 unanimously approved the IFAB Technical Subcommittee’s extensive revision of the Laws of the Game.

This revision is probably the most comprehensive in The IFAB’s 130 year history and has reorganised and updated the Laws of the Game book to make it far more easy to read, understand and use not just for referees but for anyone interested in the Laws and in football.

The IFAB has redesigned the Law book so that its appearance and content is appropriate for football in the 21st century.

The IFAB is the body responsible for the Laws of the Game worldwide and national football associations, confederations and competitions are not permitted to change the Laws without the permission of The IFAB AGM.

These changes take effect 1 June 2016.

Digital copy of LAWS OF THE GAME 2016 / 2017

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