At the Sept General Membership meeting, Cal South instructor Szilard Gyllyal covered Law 11 — Offside and the new interpretations on what is considered defender’s possession to reset the point of decision for an offside rulings. This led to a lively debate/discussion. After the training, 6 Proposed ByLaws Changes were reviewed and 5 of the proposed changes were nominated by the general membership for voting at the October general membership meeting. Based on discussions at the Sept. meeting, one proposal of the proposed Bylaws changes was withdrawn and it will be revised and re-proposed at the April meeting. Per the current ByLaws, the 5 proposed changes have been documented in the meeting minutes and have been distributed to the membership via the Flag and Whistle via an email link to all members. Details of the meeting can be found in the Sept version of the SSBRA Flag & Whistle.