Members should have received a “welcome” message from the ArbiterSports system this morning.  If you did not, please contact our assignor as soon as possible!

This is the first step in our transition to this professional and flexible assigning platform.

A good number of the membership are already familiar with Arbiter through other groups we officiate with.  For those that are not, please sign in and visit this tutorial:

For those that already have other accounts in Arbiter, it’s very important to note that the blocks you have set up for those accounts will NOT automatically transfer over to a new group. Initially, you must add any important blocks to your SSBRA account as well. In the future, as you add blocks of one kind or another, the system allows you to do so for one, some, or all of your groups. The default will be for all groups, so that you don’t have to entering the same data more than once.

Questions?  Please contact our assignor.